Image Analysis with (free) ImageJ software

Lately we’ve been able to use our digital camera to perform some nice measurements, through the help of a program called ImageJ.

It’s free, was developed at NIH, is open-source, it has a ton of features and plug-ins, and you can write scripting macros, etc etc. It was developed so that the scientific community would have an open standard to process images. (Without an open standard for image number crunching, there’s no good way to independently reproduce an experiment that makes heavy use of images and image processing.)

You can read about it here at Wikipedia:

link to wiki entry for ImageJ program

It’s available here:

link to Imagej main website

We were turned onto this image analysis program by a couple of our clients. We recommend it. Today the cool thing was to separate the RGB channels, and allow us to ‘see’ an IR LED without being confused by the camera’s ‘grey scale’ clipping algorithm. Very nice.

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