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Actinica provides technical support for opto-mechanical and electronic systems. Precision instruments, metrology, fluorescence, low-noise analog electronics – that’s what we do.

Take a look around our website – we provide services and we are working on some products that will be available soon.

There’s also some technical notes about optics, low noise design, etc. that you might be interested in (check out the search feature and the sidebar).

Testing the light uniformity of an LED source in our optics lab. Machine vision, microscopes, and other applications, work best when the light is uniform.

How 6 tiny LEDs and the wrong diffuser do not create uniform illumination. These graphs were generated by ImageJ from the RAW data files of the Nikon D1x camera.

























About Us

Most of our work takes place in the area between science and engineering. Both principals bring a systems viewpoint to their work, but individually, our formal backgrounds are different. This makes for an inherently cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving.

We share Lord Rayleigh’s opinion of the power of measurement to inform knowledge. In science, measurement is used to inform knowledge for its own sake. In commerce, the knowledge gained is used to enhance product design or production.

The clean sheet of paper has been interesting for us as well. This is the time after a need is identified, when there is no existing design or method to use as a guide. The hands are waving, the coffee is brewing, the hack saw is out, and the solder is flowing. It just doesn’t get any better for a pair of geeks.

That’s how we help you get from an idea to the right prototype or proof of concept.

orientation: systems engineering,  instrumentation design and development

approach: get to experiments as soon as possible

services: design engineering,   prototype construction,   prototype debug,   technical feasibility analysis

some projects we’ve worked on before:

electronic nose


laser film recorders

laser object scanners

confocal microscopes

hologram recorder

galvanometer scanners

DNA arrayer ‘spotter’

DNA array reader