Mike Beach, Principal Engineer, c: 617-470-3618, mike at actinica dot com

Pete Flowers, Principal Engineer, c: 617-792-5451, pete at actinica dot com

Our shop address is:

65 Sprague St.,    Bldg 65 E, Studio #2,     Hyde Park, MA 02136

map to Actinica:

In the 65 East building of the Boston-Dedham Commerce Park.

Here’s a map, showing how to get to the place from 128, click on the link for the pdf.

Map to Actinica from Logan Airport via Route 128, pdf

Please give us a call when you visit, so we can help you navigate the building’s labyrinth. The main hallway is 1/4 mile long, suitable for determining the speed of light with a Michelson-Morley interferometer.