resources, extended team

Our Resources and Extended Team are available to solve your problems.

Software Specialist, Systems Thinker, and Lots More:

Since late 2009, we have been working with Joel White, neuroscientist and founder of Cogniscent, Inc. He’s available to help us with software, but his skills include amazing debug and systems level understanding, and of course, grant writing. The custom confocal microscope he built while at Tufts, to observe salamander odor sniffing, earned him a publication in Nature.

Our resources:

  • We can prototype easily in our shop
    • ABS plastic makes a fast proof of principle
  • Optics test bench and measurement equipment
  • Electronic measurement equip
  • We calibrate with the sun or the moon, if needed
    • Often build our own test gear, simple and effective
    • The sun is 10^5 lux; the moon a collimated test target
  • Machine shops (KAS Machine, etc.)
  • Industrial design (Innodyne)
  • Software (custom SW from several colleagues)