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SPIE Photonics West 2010

We’ll be teaching a ‘short course’ at the Photonics West 2010 show this January.

Titled ‘Fluorescent Detection: System Design and Tradeoffs’, it’s based on work we did to help develop a hand-held chemical detection instrument for Cogniscent Inc., (homepage for Cogniscent Inc.) who have granted us permission to show off some of the things that went into that product’s design.

We also discuss various design options that were not selected for the Cogniscent system, and what motivated those decisions.

Here’s where you can find more information, at the SPIE website:

link to course description at SPIE website

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Actinica Book List

Ok, we have a book problem.

Both of us waay like good engineering books. A good explanation, or a great

graph that sums up why that camera ‘sees’ differently than my eyes, etc.

Since we’re always stumbling on more good books, this list will grow.

Drop by later see what’s new.

Here’s some of the books we like, as a pdf file here,


and here’s some more books we like:

  • the Feynman Lectures on Physics, a 3 volume set. Here’s a guy who can explain anything well. Like how sine, cosine and the magic number e all relate to the imaginary number i (square root of -1). He also has a great description of how a ’50 Ohm’ transmission line acts like ’50 Ohms’ no matter how long it is. For a really great puzzle – read his description of how charging a capacitor really involves magnetic fields outside the cap’s plates.

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