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Microscope objectives – NA, cost, and parabolas

We were looking at various microscope objectives – those lenses on the turrets that aim toward the slides. Or, if you’re like me, the expensive silver thing that just went ‘crunch’ on the slide while I was trying to focus the image.
Pete noted that there seemed to be a parabolic curve fit – better NA, numerical aperture, better light collection, and the more expensive the objective lens gets. Here’s the curve, and the supporting data.


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US Energy Use graph

To comprehend how much energy we use, and what goes where, this is great place to start.

Produced at Lawrence Livermore Labs ( this ‘Sankey diagram’ shows the flow of energy from source to destination, shows what gets used and what gets wasted. We found it here:

wiki Quad (energy)

click on the chart to see it larger.  It’s in the public domain.


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